Privacy Statement

Privacy notice

Steam ESCO Limited (thereafter “Steam ESCO”, “Steam ESCO Ltd.” or “SE”) appreciates that the security of your private information from the use of our web presence is important. The protection of your personal data is important to us.

Company Details

Steam ESCO Limited
Office Unit B1
Clonard Village
Y35 FD88

Phone: +353 53 91 43638

Company Registration Number 539921
Registered in Ireland with the CRO (Companies Registration Office)
VAT (Tax) number IE3271546QH

CEO Keith Moore

Data Collection

Our website does not collect personal data; thus it is possible to use our website without disclosing personal data.

Personal Data Collection and Processing

Personal data is collected through direct contact, e.g. meetings, phone calls, initiated both by Steam ESCO Ltd. and / or you, the client. Any data collected and stored in our database is freely available and / or provided by you (e.g. email signature).

Personal data may be taken from completion of forms, as part of enquiries or an order and is strictly work related. We do not keep any information that is not essential to the success in our supplier-client-relationship.

SE utilise Microsoft (Privacy statement here), Google (Privacy statement here), Google Analytics (Privacy Statement here) and OnePageCRM (Privacy statement here) services.

Our database has not, is not and will not, at any stage, be shared with a third party.

Any of your data that is essential to get goods shipped to you or services performed (such as installation) following an order, may be transferred to a processor such as DSV, UPS, FedEx, etc. or installation companies SE work closely with.


Personal data collected from you will be used only for the purpose of supplying you with the products and services as requested or other purposes for which you have given your consent, except where otherwise provided by law.

Right of Access and Correction

You have the right to review and amend your personal data we store, should you believe it is out of date or may be incorrect. Please inform us by email or post to do so.

Right of Cancellation

You have the right to withdraw your consent to use your personal data at any time. Please inform us by email or post to do so.

Data retention

We retain personal data only for the required time to render you a service and product and a specific time thereafter. Due to the nature of our business and industry, for prospects that may be 12 months after last contact. For clients, this time will be in line with the product warranty from date of installation. Any information and data that is required for legal purposes (e.g. order and subsequent invoice details) will be retained for the duration legally required.