Who we are

Steam System Experts

Who we are

Steam ESCO is an Energy Services Company focusing on saving steam energy and reducing carbon emissions. Steam energy savings are a neglected area of energy and CO2 savings. We take a holistic view of steam systems and our edge is our Venturi nozzle steam trap technology (IP) resulting in more energy efficient steam systems.

Our professional staff of experienced engineers, surveyors and project managers has over 30 years of industry experience and has installed tens of thousands of Venturi nozzle steam traps around the world in a huge variety of commercial applications. They are dedicated to offering end-to-end, financially driven solutions to reduce steam costs, meet and exceed environmental regulations and minimise maintenance overhead.

We strive to provide world-class products and service for our clients and have dedicated teams who are passionate about reducing the use of fuel and lowering carbon emissions in industrial settings.

Our Venturi Green Saver steam traps are manufactured in Ireland from traceable European Stainless Steel in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. The Green Saver traps have no moving parts, come with a 15-year guarantee, and require only minimum maintenance.