Formosa Plastics Corporation
Lin Yuan Plant Trial Run Report

After the Green Saver System was installed the plant experienced the following advantages:

  • reduced repair, maintenance and overhead costs,
  • the Green Saver uses a 300 series stainless steel body (SUS304) for single piece forming, it’s sturdy and durable and thereby eliminates the disadvantages of conventional steam traps,
  • only pipes with 1.5” diameters are used to meet various needs, replacing conventional steam traps which use 2”-6” pipes and thus saving piping costs,
  • with steam costs at $331 per ton, each ton of powder can save 0.4 tons of steam (about 10% of the original consumption).

Overall monthly steam consumption cost reduction:
0.4 tons steam/ton powder x $331/tons steam x 1300 tons powder/month= $170,000

Resulting in $2,040,000 annual cost reduction