The Problem: Industry wastes steam energy and money due to inefficient steam systems; Many facilities do not or don’t know how to utilise carbon credits.

Traditional steam traps that are designed to fail with a short life span, oversized equipment, insulation that gets removed during work and then does not get replaced, leaks that go unnoticed and are not a priority because of other issues.

Facilities are torn; on one side they need to upgrade their steam system, but available funds have to be used for ad-hoc repairs because of faulty steam traps and resulting problems, not allowing the opportunity for the whole facility to be looked at.

Our Solutions:

Green Saver – the quickest and one of the most efficient ways to improve your steam system is the installation of more efficient steam traps. Compared working against working, Green Saver traps are 6% more efficient than traditional mechanical traps.

show photos of each trap and name: Green saver threaded, flange-to-flange, flanged, tracer, clean steam, Quick Release – need help with this

No moving parts, 15-year guarantee, reduced maintenance, deals with variable load

  • Process Applications and Distribution Lines
  • Typical applications: Heating, Cleaning, Tracing, Sterilisation, Propulsion / Drive, Atomisation, Moisturisation / Humidification
  • Industries: not limited to Breweries, Industrial Laundries, Dairy, Food Processing, Beverages, Paper Mills, Pharma, Bio Diesel, Refineries, Chemical, Rubber production.

Pay from Savings (EPC) / ESCO Service = Steam as a Service
The use of carbon credits, part of Steam as a Service