Green Saver Tracer Heating Unit

Tracer lines fitted with Green Saver Tracer Heating Units contain less condensate, allowing them to transfer heat significantly more effectively. What is more, these steam traps need only be fitted every 80 metres of tracer pipe, compared to conventional traps which need to be installed every 50 metres . Our Tracer Heating Unit is suitable for pressures of up to 17 bar.

Green Saver Clean Steam Applications

The Clean Steam Unit is used in pharmaceuticals and clean room environments where regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. Custom-engineered from grade 303 stainless steel, Green Saver Clean Steam units are fixed with a tri-clover clamp for easy removal and can handle pressures of up to 10 bar.

Green Saver Flange Unit

The Green Saver Flange Unit handles pressures of up to 100 bar, so it is ideal for high-pressure situations. We can also manufacture even tougher Flange Units to meet specific requirements. Installation is simple and fast, these units are designed to be easily incorporated into your existing steam lines.

Green Saver Standard Unit

Our Standard Unit comes in thread sizes ranging from 15 mm to 25 mm, making it versatile and easy to install in practically any pipe configuration. The 25 mm unit can replace traditional traps of 2 inches and larger, allowing the trap assembly to be fitted in significantly more compact spaces. The Green Saver Standard Unit is designed for pressures of up to 17.2 bar.




Steam Esco and Vertis Environmental Finance announced on 12 October 2015 that Vertis has made an investment into Steam Esco. Focused on emissions trading since 2001, Vertis was one of the first companies in the world to be involved in the carbon markets. Vertis will also act as sales agent for Steam Esco and will offer Steam Esco’s products to industrial clients across Europe and beyond.


Keith Moore, CEO of Steam Esco, said: “We are excited to team up with Vertis and work with their sales team to sell our products into new markets in Europe.”

“For Vertis this is a great opportunity to diversify and get back to helping our clients reduce their fossil fuel dependency and cut greenhouse gas emissions,” said James Atkins, Chairman of Vertis.

For further information, please visit Vertis.